Obviously awkward. 

Today was mostly a travel day. We’ve been up for 30 hours straight and are exhausted. After flying to Madrid, and then Pamplona, we had a 4 hr “layover” for our 2 hour bus ride to St Jean Pued de Port where we will spend 2 nights. Tomorrow is our catch-up-from-jet-lag day and then we start our Camino on Wed. 

St. Jean is in Ftance, and our French is even worse than our Spanish (thus the obviously awkward notation above). 

I’ll share more pics of St. Jean tomorrow, but here’s a few from today. 

Pretty fountain and flowers in Pamplona. We’ll come back thru this city in about 4 days and it’s the largest in the Camino at 200,000. 

Jeff Kinney is popular here too!

I took suggestion #1 for my dinner. 

Tina Turner miniature pony

And last, but not least, the LONGEST wifi password ever!!!


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