Day 3:  when Carie takes a wrong turn. 

We slept in our clothes last night at the municipal albergue in Zubiri (shared a room with 2 men from Belgium). The bunk beds squeaked every time someone moved, and needless to say, we slept poorly   Started out early again and Beth and I separated when I stopped to take off my jacket. I took a wrong turn and had to call Beth. And I’m the one who is good with directions!  The pathway was varied today. Sometimes it’s a footpath that follows along the river shaded with trees, some of it has been on paved roads,and some of it has been rocky up-and-down paths. But we have passed through several small villages which has made the time go fairly quickly. Walked into Pamplona (the old part) and then ended up taking a taxi to the next town so we could get away from the crowd of walkers. Staying in a wonderful albergue with some great people! (Last 2 pics are the Running of the bulls sculpture in Pamplona, and our albergue for tonight). We are a bit tired and have some sore muscles, but we are ready to forge on!😊

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