Day 4:  Cizur Menor to Puente de la Reina

Finally got a good night’s rest, in a room with about 12 ladies at a lovely place. Stopped and got a muffin, yogurt, and peach to eat for breakfast on the way. There are many mini grocery stores around. Started off on a steady climb uphill. After about 6 km in we stopped in Zariquiegui for coffee and snack (I’m hungry all the time!) and it was a much-needed rest. Beautiful fields and vistas and you can see for miles!  

Alto del Perdon with bronze pilgrim sculptures is at the peak and after that we had a challenging downhill through scrubland and loose stones. Very slow going and I was grateful for my trekking poles!  Talked to a lady from Germany and Italy in the way down. 

Stopped for some snacks in Obanos, (sounds like O’Banion doesn’t it) which was a charming old town. Sat in the park to eat. 

I’m not going to lie:  it’s physically challenging. There’s times when I’ve wondered what I’ve gotten myself into, but the people, scenery and experiences make it all worth it. Beth and I are getting our rhythm. We often separate while walking then meet up later in the day.   We are finding that walking from about 8am to 2:00 is about our limit. But that won’t get us to Santiago in time to get Beth her flight out (she leaves 2 days before me)  Something is gonna have to give, but we’ll figure it out. 

We feel fortunate that our feet are still good. Molly (from Idaho) who we have befriended has suffered terribly – with blisters on every toe!  

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