Day 8:  Viana to Navarette

So, today was the least interesting day as far as terrain went. We left from Viana -last night we had a great pilgrim meal in town i went to my first pilgrim mass. It was all in Spanish so I really didn’t understand, but the priest had all the pilgrims come up afterwards. He asked each of us where we were from and then blessed us individually with a hand on the head and a “Buen Camino”. The 12th-century cathedral was pretty amazing!

The morning walk went quickly, and we entered the city of Lagrono (pop 155,000).. It seemed to take us forever to get through the city! After that we followed a very long concrete path, entered a pretty park/reservoir area, through some vineyards, and then followed the highway for a while (not so pretty). before entering Navarrette. 

Ended up at about 13.5 miles and our feet are TIRED. The unfortunate part of finishing the day at 2:00 is that it’s right in the middle of siesta, and almost everything is closed!

The 3nd to last photo shows some of the multitude of snails we saw along the side of the path first thing this morning.  Weird. 

Also, there are fountains everywhere in Spain – not just along the Camino but in all the towns with freshwater. 

We have been surprised as to the number of people our age (or even older) that are walking. Dan, tell Nancy that it’s NOT just all hippies!  Ha. 

Very grateful for fantastic weather so far!

One comment

  1. Oh! I had to reread your post to find the snails! I thought those were flowers. (And that is with my fancy bifocals contacts).


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