Day 9:  Navarette to Azafora

Navarrette (yesterday) was probably my favorite village so far on the Camino. Had our normal bfast of Café con leche and croissant started our day. Headed out on my own, and met with Chris and Helen from Australia. We had some interesting conversations about politics. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy walking in the mornings? Today was mostly walking on farm roads through red wine country.

It seems as if each of these villages has a huge cathedral. These cathedrals here would be quite the anomaly in the United States – but common here. I wonder as to the upkeep and funding of these beautiful cathedrals. And oh the church bells –  the big huge church bells. I love hearing them all day long. 

Check out the huge, old olive tree below!

Staying at a municipal albergue – nothing fancy but good people and a nice courtyard. The town were staying in has a population. Of only 250. A dying farm community. 

One comment

  1. So, Angie and I walked to lunch then around the trails of crystal bridges, around 4 miles. With my little dog and a bottle of iced tea. We talked of your journey and decided we are not sure we could do it. We were ready for wine after 4. Keep moving forward my friend.


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