Day 11:  Redecilla del Camino to Villafranca

I feel like I’m in the movie Groundhogs Day. Here’s our routine:  wake at 6:30, on the road by 8:00 (after coffee and pastry). Finish walking around 2:30-3:00 (several stops throughout the day). Shower. Wash clothes (usually by hand and hang dry). Relax. Try to blog. Plan the next day. Make reservations for next day’s accommodation. Dinner. Sleep repeat. And repeat. And repeat. 

We are now about 224 km in (about 121 miles). Today started about overcast and humid but got quite hot after lunch. We are staying in a very large albergue which is in the back of an old hotel. Close quarters but great place. The first photo shows the courtyard of our albergue. Check out the HUGE bird nests in the 2nd to last photo. 

P. S.  Still traveling with JoAnn and Molly and making 4 people happy is harder than 2, but I sure enjoy their company!


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