Day 12:  Villafranca to Burgos

Walked about 13 miles today and then taxied into Burgos to catch up a bit. Really pretty and cool morning. A straight long climb up hill but a beautiful wide shady trail for almost all morning.   Molly, Beth and I are at a small hotell in the heart of Burgos. Going to dinner and sight see a bit soon. 

Lots of sunflower fields here. Unfortunately the flowers have faded. 

Town of Ages. Didn’t stop but cute. 

We walked through a herd of cattle this afternoon.   Notice the cowbell. 

Inside The church at San Juan de Ortega. 

The funky “Camino oasis”. 

Our first hill of the morning 

A monument to some killed during a civil war. 

Just a glimpse of some of boots at the albergue last night.  There were probably over 100 pilgrims spending the night at this place, and our room had 10 bunkbeds in it. We never sleep too well in those types of situations.  Here are some Things seen and/or heard in room of 20: Snoring, farting, someone laughing in their sleep, men in underwear…and in the middle of the night a man went to the bathroom and accidentally tried to get back in MY bed!  He quickly apologized. 😝


  1. Wow now those are some hills!!! Funny about sleeping in a room full of other people, more power to you sister. You’re amazing!!! Such beautiful pictures, walk on!!


    • Yep. Slept in shorts and tshirt. Then I didn’t think I’d need a blanket (they charged extra for that) and I got cold in the night because I just have a sleep sack, so I put my fleece on too!


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