Day  15:  Castrojeriz to Fromista

So, today was a strange day.  We left before 7:30 today – felt good to be off a little bit earlier. Had a pretty monotonous walk for the most part today – testing our mental perseverance as well as our physical perseverance.  The pictures below are in reverse chronological order. We arrived in Fromista about 3 o’clock, found our accommodations, and we feel a bit like we are in small town Nevada. 

One thing that has kind of surprised us is the need  to make accommodations ahead of time so we don’t end up at the end of the day, tired and exhausted with “no rooms at the inn.”  We often ask our previous Albergue’s receptionist to book us for the next day, because they can make the phone call easier than us, and we usually rely on their recommendations. But not so sure about this one today. 

Anyway, we are settled in and will be (as Willie Nelson says) On the road again tomorrow. 

We walked along a canal for the last 4 miles. There’s a series of locks along here which are solely used for irrigation now. 

Heading up the hill first thing in the morning

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