Day 16:  Fromista to Carrion de Los Condes

I do think I was at my weariest today. Despite sleeping well at the “Spanish Route 66 motor hotel,” my dogs were jut barking. It was another day of flat, dry terrain with few villages between. 

Cool pilgrim bronze cut out right before we crossed over a 4 lane highway. 

We took an alternate route that added .9 km because we got to walk along a pretty tree lined road instead of a path along a major road. The concrete piece in the front of the trees is part of the irrigation system. 

The alter at a church in Villacazar. The panels depict the life of St. James. You have to pay a euro to have lights turned on to see the alter. It was well worth it. 

A couple other pics from inside and outside the church

The last 6 km looked like this!  Despite being 78 degrees, I was hot, my feet hurt and I was sooooo ready to call it a day. We are all in 4-person room in Carrion for the night. 

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