Day 18:  Terradillos de Los Templarios to Sahagun (on foot) and Astorga (by train)

We walked about 12 miles today to the town of Sahagun, had lunch and explored the town a bit, and then caught a train to Leon. My one blister is much better today, and my feet are loving the vaca. 

At Leon, we said goodbye to Joanne and Molly and continued on by train to Astorga. While this skips about 3 stages, it bypasses the rest of the Meseta (no skin off of my back, but Beth found the Meseta to be quite relaxing) and gives us time to finish the Camino at a less frantic pace. 

In order to receive a Compostela (certificate of completion), one must walk the last 100km of the Camino (getting 2 Camino passport stamps per day). This allows you to collect the certificate at the pilgrim’s office in Santiago. So after Sarria (or about the last 5 days) we can’t take a bus or train. Tonight we will sit down and map out the rest of our stages and try to book accommodations ahead, as we anticipate a big increase in the number of walkers after Sarria. 

Hobbit houses?  No, bodegas!

Are we there yet?

It was Saturday Market day in Sahagun. Check out the pretty lady in the blue dress. 

Last time for the 4 camigas to be together on the Camino. We rode the train together to Leon and then Beth and I ran to catch a train to Astorga (we had 1 minute to spare!)

The cathedral in Astorga. Beautiful!  

This is a building built by Gaudi, known as the Bishop’s Palace – now a museum. 

So I guess this town is known for its chocolate production (thanks to Cortez bringing cocoa beans back from Mexico). We walked by the Chocolate museum, but damn, it was closed. I did have to indulge in  a dark chocolate bar tho


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