Day 19:  Astorga to Fancebadon

Today was a longer day (16 miles and about 7.5 hours with stops) but really pretty terrain as we climbed up about 200 meters.

We are passing through many Muragato villages. As I understand it, the Muragatos were a sub-culture of Spain with their own customs, dress etc. the houses are made of stone here (since it is plentiful) rather than adobe bricks from the meseta towns.

Some homes have bright blue (or green) doors and shutters.

The Cowboy Bar is popular.

Beth ahead of me, walking through some scrub bushes. Our shoes are filthy!

This bottle of wine cost €2.60 at our albergue. It’s Spain’s version of 2 buck chuck – except much better. After walking 15+ miles and doing my laundry by hand (outside in freezing cold water) I think I have earned it !

View from our albergue tonight:


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