Day 20:  Foncebadon to Ponferrada

Oh my!  Much harder day than anticipated. I’m having troubles loading pics today so these aren’t in any order really. The first stop this morning was at “the Iron Cross”.  Tradition is to leave a rock (or other item)behind here to symbolize leaving a burden behind. While I had hoped to be here at sunrise, we were actually a bit early. Still, it was very moving. The morning was absolutely gorgeous, and for a long while we hiked on a nice trail through the mountains. Rated right up there with Day 1 in the Pyrenees. Then the descent!  Almost 3000 feet of downhill! While we passed through 2 beautiful mountain villages, the trail down was steep and so rocky that you had to focus on every step!  Then the last 5 km were flat, thru an ugly part of Ponferrada and HOT (87 degrees). I have a brand new blister on the top of my 4th toe, which I attribute to sweaty feet and steep descent. Tomorrow should be easier and we have luxurious accommodations tonight (see last photo) so life is good. 

Lots of shale rock on this part of the trail!

La Cruz de Ferro (the Iron Cross)

When I put my backpack down to go place my rock, I saw this:

Watering trough for animals I think.   Look at those gorgeous mountains. 

These beads hang on lots of doors here. I’m assuming it’s to keep flies out. 

See the goats in bottom right hand?

The mtn. village homes almost all had balconies that hung over the street. Oh, and geraniums!  All over Spain. 

We booked a double room in an albergue tonight. OMG. We are in Camino heaven!  The nicest place yet by far!!!

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