Day 21:  Ponferrada to Villafranca del Bierzo

Leaving Ponferrada this morning, we walked along a lovely path by the river, through an upscale neighborhood with tennis complex/soccer complexes. Very pretty. Passed through several other small towns that were not too memorable, but at least the road was FLAT!!  Beth and I walked alone for most of the day, but we met up for lunch in Camponaraya. After lunch I soon realized that I had left my poles behind and had to retrace my steps. NOT too happy about that!  We followed a path beside a busy road for awhile before heading through some vineyards. Once again the last couple hours were hot and tiring and a bit hilly. Staying at Albergue de la Piedra (owners have a golden lab, Shawn) 

The shell symbol is everywhere here to guide the way. Along with other signage and yellow arrows painted on the street, trees, walls, etc. 

We hope and pray that our shoes will hold up for another week or so. They are filthy dusty, and Beth’s (left) used to be a pretty aqua. Her soles are wearing through on one foot. The backs of mine (where the heels rub) are wearing out. Come on shoes!  You can do it!!

Just a cute house built over a stream. The homes in this region have black slate roofing rather than terra-cotta. 

Our not-so-luxurious digs for tonight. 

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