Camino Friends

Ok. The pics aren’t great and my hair (oh my) but I want to share 2 Camino friends with you. First is Esther from South Korea. There are actually quite a few walkers from S Korea. I met Esther about 2 weeks ago when she was in the adjacent top bunk bed. After some conversation (she speaks great English ) I asked if she was homesick. She smiled and said yes. Then a few seconds later, she looked over and said “thanks for asking me.”  Two nights ago I went to do my laundry and they’re she was!  She’s got a beautiful smile 

This is Chris from Australia who I met first thing one morning also about 2 weeks ago. We keep meeting up along the way. The day we took the train, we ran into him at our albergue and I told him about us taking the train and then told him “you’re really walking fast!”  He smiled and said “let’s just say that my bus was faster than your train!”  Chris keeps us in stitches every time we see him. 

Of course there’s Molly and Joanne whom I’ve told you about already. Molly on left is a nurse from Twin Falls Idaho who helps run a big family farm now. She’s funny, sweet, and smart. Molly was the one who had infected feet on day 3 and almost quit. She’s a tough cookie!  Joanne is next to Molly. She’s an executive coach from SanFrancisco (who used to live in Omaha and Iowa years ago). Joanne is super smart, articulate and great at building relationships. I’m so blessed to have met all these special people!

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