Day 22:  Villafranca del Bierzo to Las Herrarius

I slept amazingly well on my top bunk with the fan blowing all night. Had a two euro breakfast (coffee, toast, cereal) and then we headed out in really gusty cool weather that subsided almost immediately. It was a beautiful walk today, mostly beside a highway and a stream. It totally looked just like the Rocky Mountains (with netting along the road to keep rocks from falling).We only  walked about 20km today and stopped at 1:00 – enjoying a quiet afternoon and easier walking day.

Our albergue is the 2nd building from the left. 

Just a simple church but still beautiful. 

The old cemeteries are quite interesting.  Always locked up too. 

We’re getting closer to Santiago! In older times, the pilgrims carried a staff and a gourd to hold their water. The walk was quite dangerous with constant fear of being attacked by robbers. Some people were commissioned to go by their priest to pay penance!

Much of the day’s walk looked like this:

Love these “hand” door knockers. They’re everywhere. 

2 things here:  delivery of bread and hanging laundry  (perfectly acceptable). And there is very little air conditioning in the smaller villages. 

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