Day 23:  Las Herrarius to Bideudo

We left before dark and climbed straight uphill. My shirt was soaked through in 30 minutes or less, and we had just our headlamps to guide our way on a rocky path through the middle of the deep dark forest! Not to mention dodging piles of cow/horse manure along way. It was a bit creepy and scary, but soon we were rewarded with a gorgeous sunrise and more amazing vistas. The leaves are starting to change a bit and the colors are pretty. We arrived at our “casa rural” about 3:00 -tired as usual. My ❤️ app says that we climbed the equaivalent of 79 floors today. That is the 3rd highest so far on our trip!

We are deep in the heart of farm country, and our accommodation is basically a room in a farmhouse. The smell of manure is ever present. And tonight we got to see the “cows coming home,” taking the Camino road.  Dan , you would enjoy seeing the small farms. 

This is an old baptismal font in O’Cebreiro. 


  1. Okay, you didn’t mention the horse. Is this a new companion on journey?? Does he talk? Couldn’t you ride him??


    • Haha. So, for the really steep ascent yesterday, you could rent a horse from Victor. Beth wasn’t interested but I was. The timing didn’t work out for us though as we needed to leave much earlier in the day. I think these horses just belonged to a farmer though. He didn’t look too happy that I was taking a!photo of him!


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