Day 24:  Biduedo to Vigo de Sarria

So I have to mention our accommodations last night. We always plan our destination and then call or email ahead to reserve a bed. There were only 2 places in Biduedo (a very small farming village). First place was “completo” so we booked at the second one – a ” casa rural”. It was an old farmhouse – old as in 600 years old!  The manure smell was pungent, the room large (and mostly clean except for the floor), the bedspreads were a polyester mint green rufffly thing, and the towels and sheets were thin. And we soon learned that we were the only clients!  Too late to back out however. Dinner was home cooked by the family, and it ended up that there was 1 more guest who ate with us. We had a wonderful meal: kale and potato soup, delicious steak (probably came right from the farm), French fries (a staple here) dessert, and of course…wine. This morning before we left, we had a short conversation with Maria the daughter (see below) using my limited Spanish, sign language, Google translate (thanks for that hint Katie) and pencil and paper. Ended up being a great experience!  
It was an absolutely gorgeous morning with the fog down below us, full moon, and a rainbow sky.  I gave my feet a break and had my backpack transported today. It makes a world of difference! I do feel a bit guilty about it, as I had hoped to carry it the whole way (just a personal goal) but what the hell. 

Maria, the daughter at Casa Xata:

The fog below us was pretty amazing this morning. Guess these mountains are the first thing that the Atlantic Ocean air hits in Spain, so there is often fog. 

Grain storage bin

Do you know what these fuzzy things are?

Chestnuts!  They were all over the path today. 

This chestnut tree is over 800 years old!

Most of our path was wooded and shady today. Just a lovely day overall. 


  1. We’re the cows brown Swiss or jersey? Milking machines? You should have tried milking. Cows come home by themselves? Did they eat with you? Who all spoke English? Bet they really enjoyed having you as guests . Farmers are generally good hosts ( Iowa and Nebraska) connection. Know you and Beth are good reps for the USA. Do families pray over food when and if they eat with you? Many questions. Enjoy your finish. We look forward to more tales when you get home. Proud of ur endurance and staying power. Love ya, dad.” Sent from my iPhone



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