Day 25:  Vigo de Sarria to Portomarin

Sarria is a Camino town where 40% of the walkers start. First thing this morning we walked from our pension through the city of Sarria and had coffee and croissants, and when we walked out of that bar we saw a group of about 60 people walking the Camino in front of us! We are interested to see how different it will look today with all of the brand-new walkers.  And I must confess that we are now “camino snobs” – resenting all these new walkers – especially the ones who are in a group with all accommodations booked for them and bags transported. We’re gonna have to get over that!

The morning went by quickly because we met a couple, Don and Trisha from Denver and chatted with them for quite a while. We had a fine mist surrounding us until about 10 o’clock and then the sun came out, and made us a “fog rainbow.”  Some of the day has been on paved country roads passing small farming villages and a lot of it has been on woodland trails. Again we have had beautiful weather. But poor Spain really needs the rain!

We’re calling this a “fogbow”. 

We see these all over now on the local farms. Grain storage I think. 

The rock fences remind me of Ireland. 

Apple trees all over Galicia. 

Tired at the end of the day, we had to climb these steps into Portimarin. Seriously??

Beautiful view of the river from the top of the steps. 

Que the Rocky theme song please!

Our albergue host Pedro (Peter) is charming and spent several hours chatting with us (his English is wonderful) about life in Spain. He also helped us book some of our rooms for the remainder of our trip – such a huge help!  This is his last week to be open, and then he closes until April (not one day off work for him all summer!)

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