Day 26:  Portomarin to Palas de Rei

We had breakfast at the albergue and more conversation with friendly, funny Peter. I taught him a new English word: smartass. Beth told him the jam was great and she asked if he made it. He grinned and said, “oh yes, in my spare time I made it!” 

We were out the door about 8:00 in the dark and fog. Unfortunately , there is a noisy school/church youth group that seems to have our same schedule. They are young, and they sing and scream, and the hormones are raging. Us old farts aren’t happy that they are interrupting our quiet Camino walk. Ha!  Mandy from the U.K. Shared our room last night and walked with us today. My left shoulder muscle has been bothering me since yesterday, and Mandy (physical therapist) put some tape on it.  I’m hoping it will feel better.  I have to say, that Galacia has not been my favorite region, even without the crowds. It’s just not as pretty as other parts of the Camino in my opinion. 

Peter and I (cool old photo of Portomarin behind us)

Peter told us that Galacians love their bread. He also mentioned how sad our American bread was.  I agree!

St James points the way. 

Cathedral in Portomarin. In the 60’s ( I think) they moved the church, stone by stone, up the hill and away from the river. 

Leaving town. In the fog. 

Those noisy kids. 

Lots more pilgrims now. 

Hydrangeas as big as my head!

Another old church and cemetery. 

View out our pension window tonight in Palas de Rei 

Here’s my miles for the past 10 days or so. No wonder we’re tired!


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