Day 27:  Palas de Rei to Ribidiso

Just tired. That’s all I can say. We walked about 26 Km (16 miles) and my “batteries” are terribly LOW. We only have 2 days of walking left: 23 k tomorrow and 20k the next day into Santiago.  Part of me doesn’t want this journey to end and the other part of me is so ready!  The good news is that we transported our backpacks today and they were there when we arrived!  Hallelujah!

Here is a typical bfast for us:  coffee con leche (espresso with steamed milk. Soooo good) Croissant for Beth and chocolate “croissant” for me. Will have to lay off the sweets when I get home, but I figure I can pretty much eat whatever I want over here!

Lots of pretty planted groves of trees 

Not sure what this miniature straw “hut” was but it was cute. 

My LONG morning shadow on our wooded path. Lots of shade today but it was hot when we weren’t in the shade. I don’t know how people do this in the summer

Every small town has a church and often a stone cross/fountain like this. 

You can tell how low the river is from the steps

Octopus is a very popular dish around here. I’m not interested!

Just a pretty simple house

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