Day 28:  Ribidiso to Pedrouza. (2nd to last day!)

We had some Camino luck last night. We snagged a small room with just two bunkbeds at our albergue.  All the other rooms were packed and smelled badly. Our roommates were Jonathan, 32, a chef from Canada who told us he didn’t snore – unless he had too many beers,  and another young girl.  Anyway it was really quiet and we slept really well. Overall, another pretty day, and again hard the last hour or so with the heat and just plain weariness. Staying at Albergue Edreira in Pedrouza- a bit off the beaten path but clean. 

Tomorrow is Santiago!  Woohoo!!!

A good potion of today was shaded and looked like this:

We see these all over now and they’re called horreros. This one was open and it held corn cobs. 

We passed several vendors selling something or asking for a donation for a stamp (on your pilgrim passport). These nuns were one of them. 

Just a pretty home along the way. 

Here come the cows again!  Plodding along right in the middle of us walkers. 

A pretty grove of pine trees 

And eucalyptus trees!  I guess this is big business here now. The trees grow quickly and are used for paper pulp. There is some controversy with the farmers though. 

So we had dinner and bfast at the same place. Check out the different views:

Fresh orange juice is big here, with the help of this machine 

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