Day 29:  and we’re done!

So, we have finally arrived in Santiago after almost a month of walking!  We thought it would be an easy 20k day, but Beth’s foot decided to flare up (as if it knew this was the last day) and the last 5k seemed to take forever!  Anticipation, I guess?!?!?

The cathedral isn’t so pretty at the moment with the renovation, but gosh we were thrilled to see it. After arriving about 1:30 and snapping a few pics, we had lunch and checked into our hotel – a lovely room just off the main square. We can open our windows and people watch and listen to the street musicians. 

 I have such mixed feelings about being done with our Camino.  While I look forward to a lazy, touristy kind of day tomorrow, it will feel very strange to not pack my backpack at 6:30am, and hit the road again for our daily walk. 

I ran into Esther again first thing in Santiago!  

So Beth didn’t want to do this tonight but I did – I stood in line for about 1.5 hours to get my Compostela from the Pilgrims Office. It’s a paper document and in Latin.  Here’s the English translation:

The Chapter of this Holy Apostolic and Metropolitan Cathedral of Compostela, custodian of the seal of the Altar of St. James, to all the Faithful and pilgrims who arrive from anywhere on the Orb of the Earth with an attitude of devotion or because of a vow or promise make a pilgrimage to the Tomb of the Apostle, Our Patron Saint and Protector of Spain, recognises before all who observe this document that: …………… has devotedly visited this most sacred temple with Christian sentiment (pietatis causa).

In witness whereof I present this document endorsed with the seal of this same Holy Church.

Issued in Santiago de Compostela on ……… of …………… year of our Lord ……….

Deputy Canon for Pilgrims.

Tomorrow we will attend 12:00 mass at the cathedral and hope to see the botafumeiro swing, 

The view from our hotel window.

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