Santiago de Compostela !

We spent a pretty lazy day here in Santiago, eating, and shopping a bit. The crowds are pretty crazy, and we found out that October is their busiest month, especially now because the weather is so mild.   The Santiago cathedral is huge, and I gave myself a quick tour this morning then went back for the noon mass. I had to wait in line an hour to get in, sat through a mass in Spanish and then I did NOT get to see the incense burner (botafumeiro) swing.  So disappointing!!!  If you want to know the details of that, here’s a link : Botafumeiro

Beth flies to Paris in the morning to meet her husband for a post-Camino vacation. I am on my own for 3 days which will be a bit strange. Stay tuned for one last walk this weekend. 

Most of today’s pics come from inside and out of the magnificent Santiago cathedral. 

The tomb of St. James. 

Do you see the hand on  St. James’ shoulder in the pic below? People stood in a LONG line to “hug the apostle.”

Octopus anyone??

I’ll take these instead. 


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