Post Camino Bonus days!

So, some pilgrims continue on past Santiago to Finisterre (3-4 day walk) which is on the ocean “at the end of the world” or so they thought years ago. I didn’t have time to walk it so I bused it (about 3 hours) and boy is it beautiful! Then today I walked about 28km to Muxia (also on the coast). This was a sort of penance for my 3 days I skipped with the train ride. Ha!  Tomorrow I will bus back to Santiago and meet up with Molly and Joanne. Beth left yesterday to meet her husband in Paris and it’s very odd being alone and without my camiga. Monday I will fly back to the good ole USA and my hubby, my pups, and my own bed! 💓Here’s a few pics from Finesterre:

I left Finisterre about 7:30 this morning and there was absolutely nothing open for me to grab breakfast or coffee, so Nothing to do but walk on.. It was really creepy, because the fog hung around for at least an hour and a half (i.e. VERY dark!) and I was using my headlamp, but was alone on some very lonely roads.  I was beginning to wonder why I was doing this!  Actually, the whole walk today (about 7 hours) was very remote, and I saw very few people, and I didn’t have a map, and my cell phone was down to about 20% ( I realized late last night that I had left my phone charger in the hotel in Santiago!). I was totally out of my comfort zone and felt uneasy. After a couple hours I finally started passing a FEW people coming the other direction. I asked several if they spoke English, and I finally found one guy who did. He told me that there was a café in Lires which was the halfway point, so I stopped there and had some breakfast/lunch. I wish I had known how remote the walk really was going to be. Also, I  had the impression that i would be along the coast for much of the walk, but in actuality it was only the last 2 km. Most of the walk was very similar to what I had seen before – through forest and farmland and very tiny villages. 2 km outside of Muxia, some people by the side of the road gave me high-fives and “you are so brave” and that gave me the boost I needed to finish. I was really tired and the last 2 Km always seem to be the hardest. I’m staying at Alberfue Delfin, which is right on the water and lovely. And a very nice German lady has a cell phone charger that she is letting me borrow. So all is well! Went to the beach and made quick use of the swimsuit I’ve been carrying around with me for a month. Only got in about thigh high because it was too chilly. But it’s beautiful here! I’ve been so so lucky with mild, sunny weather. 

Here’s a few pics from my walk and around   Muxia:

Just a sneak peek of the ocean early on in the day. 

A REALLY big horrero. 

And another:

My beach!

Accommodations for the evening;

My albergue is on this street. Not a shabby view. 

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